Our services for businesses

Jeremy has spent many years working in professional practice and has a great deal of experience not only in dealing with the corporate aspects of financial planning but also in working alongside accountants and business advisers in devising appropriate client solutions.

Group Pension Schemes

The provision of pensions for your employees. BWM can arrange and consult on group pension schemes, including NEST, and help you decide how to meet requirements and provide a suitable scheme for your employees.

Director’s Pensions

The provision of pension schemes for directors, partners and owner-managers. For owner managers and other high ranking employees, a more sophisticated approach to retirement planning may be required; BWM can advise on the options available including SIPP and SSAS schemes which offer many advantages to owner managers such as commercial property purchase and loan facilities.

Employee benefits

The provision of life assurance and health assurances for employees. BWM can arrange and consult on group life assurance and group health assurances to ensure that your employees have a benefits package that you feel is suitable. For many directors, the ability to set up relevant life policies through a business may offer the opportunity to make significant savings on the cost of protecting their families.

Key Person cover

Using life assurance to protect your business from the loss of important staff members. The death or illness of a key employee can significantly impact on profits; the correct life and health assurances can help to mitigate this and BWM can advise on the correct approach and level of cover for your business.

Partnership and Shareholder Protection

Using life assurance to ensure that the remaining partners or shareholders of a business can continue to run the company on the death of a partner or major shareholder. When a partner or shareholder dies, they wish to ensure their dependants receive what they are due; remaining shareholders wish to ensure that they can continue to run the business. To generalise, it is often best for the remaining business partners to be in a position to buy out the deceased partner’s spouse. Using assurances to ensure that they are in position to do so is good practice and BWM can advise on how to set up such arrangements, including the appropriate business structure and use of trusts.

Corporate Investment and tax planning

Investing corporate money for growth. Where significant cash is held in a business, it may be appropriate to invest it for higher returns; BWM can advise on tax efficient ways to do this and can liaise with your business advisers in this respect.