Our services for individuals

We will spend some time talking with you to identify your goals over the short, medium and long term.  After that we will find out details about your specific circumstances, and build up a comprehensive picture of your situation which we can then analyse.

Investment Planning

Investing capital, on either a lump sum or regular basis, to generate capital growth, income or both. Whether you wish to invest for a specific purpose, such as school fees planning, or simply to grow or preserve your wealth, BWM specialises in bespoke, tax-efficient investment and portfolio planning. Retirement Planning – saving and investing to provide retirement income or drawing benefits from existing pension plans. Both BWM advisers are qualified pension specialists and we can provide a high level service to those who need to accumulate or draw income from retirement funds.

Protection Planning

Life and health assurances designed to protect you and your family from the financial consequences of death and ill health. A fundamental part of any financial plan should be protection against disasters; BWM can provide a personalised approach to putting protection in place, balancing cover against cost and taking into account the necessary trust arrangements.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your estate is correctly structured to ensure your wishes are carried out and that the amount of Inheritance tax payable is minimised. BWM can work with your solicitor in putting together a tax-efficient estate plan to ensure your wealth is distributed in line with your wishes. Life assurances, trust arrangements, specialist tax products and gifting can all be used in this respect and BWM can assist in deciding which combination of measures is suitable for you.

Long Term Care Planning

Arranging and funding long term health or living care should it be required. Care fees for the elderly can be highly expensive and a significant drain on family wealth; there are measures that can be put in place in order to plan for these fees or reduce their impact and Jeremy is specially qualified to advise in this area.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Producing lifetime financial plans based on actual assets and projected income and expenditure. Whilst it might be possible to decide upon general goals, it can be difficult to judge the actual cost of these, how realistic they are and how achievable they may be. One way to do this is to use lifetime cash flow forecasting to project income, expenditure, savings and other information and to judge the likely cost of your lifetime goals. For many clients, a lifetime cash flow is the best way to clearly define, in quantified terms, what is achievable and when it will be possible and therefore to plan with a great deal of clarity.